Leadership X Events constitute the entry point into a deepening relational network of young leaders from a variety of marketplace disciplines and cultures.

This group, combined with seasoned business leaders, makes Leadership X a truly transformational experience. In addition to the intensive multi day experience, throughout the year the One Institute catalyzes collaboration among marketplace professionals, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders through the alumni group.

Since 2008, the alumni group has grown to 300+ active alumni across the United States with a growing number of expats in Europe, MENA, and Asia. 


Durable Friendships

Throughout the year alumni across the US and the world get together for lunches, dinners, drinks, etc. It looks different for everyone, but for many these friendships have been an unexpected lifeline.



Business Activity

The alumni group is intentionally designed for getting real stuff done. As relationships and trust naturally develop we love it when alumni choose to get stuff done together. Not all ventures work out and there is nothing magical about doing business within the group, but when it goes well, it is quite rewarding. Since its inception the alumni network has engaged in tens of millions of dollars in new business activity.




For some alumni the most rewarding experience has been collaborating for charitable and gospel impact. New ministries, movements, and schools have been launched. The poor have been fed, the lost have been saved, and captives have been set free.